Open seminar: Thematic Event on Health Data Analytics 16.11.2023

PRIVASA and Health Campus Turku present: Thematic event on health data analytics, November 16, Turku, Finland. Registration:

At which point are we today in developing synthetic health data? What should all health professionals know about synthetic data? PRIVASA project and Health Campus Turku jointly organize an on-site event with a series of talks on the current trends in health data analytics, especially the emerging potential of synthetic datasets. Come and join the … Read more

Turku UAS team receives third position in International Federated Tumor Segmentation challenge

An illustration of a third prize next to medical images

This article was originally posted on the Turku University of Applied Sciences website (6.10.2022). Click here to view to original article in English, or click here to access the Finnish version of the article. The PRIVASA research group from the Health Technology lab at Turku University of Applied Sciences (HT-TUAS), Finland has received an honorary … Read more

White paper on the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neuroscience

Brains, computer circuit and a hand holding a light bulb

This white paper was originally published as a Medium blog post by Dr. Irfan Khan (@Dskhanirfan). Dr. Khan is a member of the PRIVASA team in the Turku University of Applied Sciences and the text is redistributed with author’s permission. The text represents the views of an author, not the PRIVASA consortium. I, along with … Read more

TUAS wins second position in International Machine Learning Challenge

PRIVASA research group from Health Technology lab at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), Finland has won 2nd position in the International Federated Tumor Segmentation challenge. FeTS2021 is the first international competition on Federated Learning across domains. The challenge focused on application of a machine learning technique called Federated Learning on medical imaging. In the … Read more

Synthetic data as an alternative to real-world data in research, development and innovation

We recently published an introductory blog post about the possibilities and current challenges related to the use of synthetic data (click here to read the original blog post in Finnish). Here, we summarize the main points in English: Modern applications of personalized health need information on individuals (microdata), but the secondary use of health data … Read more