Open seminar: Thematic Event on Health Data Analytics 16.11.2023

PRIVASA and Health Campus Turku present: Thematic event on health data analytics, November 16, Turku, Finland. Registration:

At which point are we today in developing synthetic health data? What should all health professionals know about synthetic data? PRIVASA project and Health Campus Turku jointly organize an on-site event with a series of talks on the current trends in health data analytics, especially the emerging potential of synthetic datasets. Come and join the … Read more

Synthetic data as an alternative to real-world data in research, development and innovation

We recently published an introductory blog post about the possibilities and current challenges related to the use of synthetic data (click here to read the original blog post in Finnish). Here, we summarize the main points in English: Modern applications of personalized health need information on individuals (microdata), but the secondary use of health data … Read more